Polo is not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle.

It’s positioning as a “sport for the elite” creates an attractive sponsorship proposition for luxury and premium brands.

Venture Polo offers tiered sponsorship packages – leveraging team, player and partner exposure. Sponsorships can be customised and designed to suite the individual or business.

Venture Polo teams predominantly play the Victorian season (October – April) and major interstate tournaments – at the discretion of both players and partners. With this we offer a direct opportunity to establish a niche within the sport and its social fabric by aligning with Venture Polo, its players and clients.

Sponsorship opportunities include the following:

  • Team sponsorship
  • Player uniform
  • Saddle blankets
  • Truck signage
  • Marquee signage
  • Non-exclusive tournament sponsorship

Contact us for more sponsorship information.